How to Trace a Restricted Call

Published: 21st April 2011
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Have you been receiving unwanted , harassing or threatening calls from a restricted number? If you need to trace a restricted number or a phone call that has enabled *67 caller ID block there are methods that the average person can use to trace and identify those unwanted restricted phone calls.

There is nothing more frustrating that having the peace and quiet of your private home life invaded by a crank or prank phone caller. It's even more upsetting when the person making the harassing calls is using a caller ID block feature to hide their identity. They think that all they have to do is hit *67 before dialing your number and they are untraceable. This is simply not true. They can be trapped traced and identified even if the phone company or police will not help you.

If the phone calls are threatening and you fear for your safety you should immediately call the police and make a police report.

If you are receiving unwanted calls from a restricted or blocked number the first thing you should do is contact your phone service provider to get their advice and assistance. They may have a service called call trace. This is where you dial *57 right after receiving the call. The callers phone number will appear on your next months phone bill. This service is not available in every sate.

If the police can't help and the phone company can't help you can turn to a private investigator to help you trap and tract that restricted phone number. It's a very simple procedure to hire a private detective to conduct a telephone harassment investigation. The PI will rent you a trap line to trace the blocked or restricted calls. All you have to do is Forward your calls to the trap line and every incoming call that was formerly restricted or caller ID blocked will be unblocked. You'll receive an email notification of the incoming callers phone number. The PI will then use a data base or a source to reverse search the phone number to obtain a name and address connected to the billing information for that phone number.

Even if the prank caller has enabled a restriction feature or had enabled caller ID block this number will be unblocked and unrestricted.

Once the private investigator has identified the incoming callers information he can write a report documenting the entire investigation. This report can be presented to the police to obtain an arrest or even to the DA to get a restraining order prohibiting the caller from contacting you again in any way. So do not get frustrated. There is a way to trace a restricted phone number.


Ed Opperman is president of Opperman Investigations Inc. He is considered an expert in telephone harassment investigations. If you need a trap line service with (ANI)Automatic Number Identification visit

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