How Can I Retrieve Deleted Text From a CDMA Device?

Published: 19th May 2010
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There is a variety of different situations that many individuals all around the world have found themselves in that are perfect reasons for contacting a professional expert that knows how to recover deleted text from cellular devices. To include a few of the most common reasons that many people have cell phone forensic investigations performed on their cellular device would include the following:

Infidelity - Countless individuals have caught their wife texting another man, or their husband deleting text messages, which is often a sure sign that an affair is going on.

Teenage Bullying - This is a growing problem that affects many teen victims.

Sexting - Adults and teens alike engage in sending sext messages to their partners that are inappropriate.

Illegal Drug use - Many times when this problem is suspected, incriminating evidence can be found on the adult or teenagers cellular device.

Employee Theft - When an employer suspects theft, an investigation of employees phones often result in the evidence needed to confront the situation.

To give you an idea of just how helpful a cell phone forensic investigation can be when you are facing one of these types of situations, below you will find some of the most common data that can be retrieved from a CDMA cellular device when you have a professional retrieve deleted text.

SMS History

To Do List


Device Properties

Phone Book

Call Logs


File System

Memory Dump

GUID Properties

NV Memory Dump

When you will want to keep in mind is if you choose to purchase a SIM card reader over-the-counter, this is a step that will not only waste your money, but on many occasions it only ends in data that is completely destroyed. It is very rare for a person to find a reader that works properly with a particular device. Experienced professionals with thousands of dollars in valuable equipment will often have to try various tools before finding the right one to work with specific cell phone devices. Using an expert is your only assurance that when they retrieve deleted text and other data, that no damage occurs causing the evidence you need to be lost forever.

The next time you ask the question 'how can I retrieve deleted text from a CDMA cellular device, speak with a professional that has the experience and the knowledge to perform a cell phone forensic investigation. After sending your phone, you can expect results in as little as 48 hours on a disk containing a detailed report of information found on the device.


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