Can You Get Deleted Cell Phone Texts Messages Without A Subpoena or Court Order?

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Published: 28th April 2011
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If you have accidentally erased or deleted a text message from your cell phone it should be a very simple matter to contact your cell phone carrier and get a copy of that deleted text messages from your billing records. Right? Unfortunately it's not a simple process at all. Most cell phone carriers do not have that information available on your bill. You may be able to see the number that the text was sent to or received from but not the actual content of the text message. Other carriers will not even store the content of the message on their server and if they do it may only be for a few months. Now even if you get lucky and your carrier does save your messages and they do store them they still will not release the content of your own text messages to you unless you serve them with a court order or subpoena.

The only hope you may have to recover your own selected text messages is aa process called cell phone forensics. This is a procedure to forensically examine the internal memory and SIM card on your cellular device to extract and undelete the deleted text messages. This information will then be reduced to an easy to read report. It may seem like a big ordeal. After all you are only seeking to read your own text messages but unfortunately due to knew privacy laws passed in the last few years it's nearly impossible to get any cooperation from your carrier to help you get your texts back.

In fact most times when you call the customer service dept or visit the store where you purchases your phone the representative will have no clue at all about cellular forensics and will tell you it's impossible to recover deleted text messages. They will say that once it's deleted it's gone forever. This is simply untrue. Other well meaning sales people might refer you to a SIM card reader. But unfortunately many phones do not store the texts on the SIM and if they do it is only a very small portion of the data available from a cell phone data recover process.

The procedure to have your deleted texts recovered is quite simple and inexpensive. You simply need to locate a reputable private investigator or data recovery specialist. You send them your cell phone and they will perform the forensic examination and data recovery. Your phone is returned unaltered and undamaged., You will receive a report that will contain all the data recovered from the phone. This can be much more than just the deleted texts. If can also be pics, voice mails, videos, call logs and other deleted data.


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