Can You Get Cell Phone Call Logs Without A Subpeona Or Court Order?

Published: 26th April 2011
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Just a few years ago it was a very simple matter to obtain cell phone billing records. You could easily get copies of all incoming and outgoing telephone call logs. I fact i booming business. There where hundreds of Internet web sites offering to sell you copies of anyone's detailed billing records. After the terrorist attacks on September 11. Congress passed legislation making it illegal to obtain, buy or sell another persons cell phone records. This was done out of an abundance of caution that perhaps this cell phone call log information could fall into the wrong hands, jeopardizing national security.

Unfortunately it also made it almost impossible for a person to legally obtain their own phone records or call logs without serving their own telephone service provider with a court or subpoena. Even if you need your call logs for personal reasons it is nearly impossible to get any help at all from your telco provider in this matter. So now that the legislators and phone companies have made a simple task impossible, software geniuses and forensic detectives have stepped up to help you obtain your own information. This is a high tech science called cellular forensics.

Cell phone forensics is a procedure to take a cell phone or smart phone and submit it to a forensic analysis to recover all of the deleted call log information on that device. The incoming , outgoing call records as well as the times, dates and duration of the phone calls are all stored on the internal memory of the cell phone. A private investigator or forensic data recovery specialist can recover all of your call records from the phone and create a report that will document every call record. This is a report that can be sworn to and submitted as evidence in a court of law.Even phones that do not use a SIM card can be forensically examined and a report created to document the dat from the internal memory.

So while cell phone call logs are no longer obtainable from the cell phone company without a court order the information is still legally obtainable via cell phone forensic examination. So you can get cell phone call log records without a subpoena or court order. You just have to retaain the service of an expert in cell phone forensics to recover obtain your call log information.


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